Weight Loss and Health Support Group

Do you feel your best?  Do you feel tired all the time?  Are you always out of energy?  Has the doctor told you that you would feel better if you lost weight and a lot of your problems would be gone if you lost that weight and began an exercise program.  We want to help you attain that goal.


Our groups objective is to encourage everyone to lose weight so we will be healthier, more energetic and feel better allowing us to do the Lord’s work more efficiently.


Our goal from day one of our Weight Loss and Health Support Group and continues today is to create a Christian atmosphere of encouragement and friendship to enable us to win the battle with God’s help over unwanted pounds.  Due to the various health issues of our members we do not dictate which weight loss program a person should select.  We encourage everyone to consult their doctor before they select their weight loss program.  There are many weight loss programs available; you could elect to go on a simple diet or a complex diet.  You may decide to join a weight loss program like Weight Watcher or Jenny Craig, or even decide the best way for you is to take medication to assist in your weight loss.  It's not our decision as to which weight loss program you select. What does matter is that you have decided to do something about becoming healthier and we will be here standing with you and encouraging you in your journey.  Everyone is welcome to join our weight loss group.  Losing weight is not an easy task, it takes dedication and determination and support.  We are here to assist you in any way we can.


Regardless of the type of program you ultimately decide to go on we will always encourage you to drink water, exercise as much as you can and stay in contact with your health professional.


Along with our focus on losing weight we also focus on exercise and how important it is to get ourselves moving and become physically fit.  

Click here for more information on exercise and why we need to exercise.


The WSBC Weigh Loss and Health Support Group meets every Monday evening at 6:30 P.M. in the Fellowship Hall.  Everyone is invited to join us.  There is no financial expense involved with joining our group, it is free to everyone.  Please contact Charles or Audrey if you have questions about our group.  Please join us.


Our weightloss group leading a Walk-a-thon.  One of many things our group is involved in.